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Looking for a Cine Film Transfer to DVD or Digital File? CineFilm2DVD are trusted by the public, independent photographic shops, museums and TV networks for Cine Film Transfers. We offer full UK coverage for professional transfer of Cine Film to DVD  to DVD or Digital File. We also offer a full Cine Film archive service. Films are captured in Standard or High Definition, from as little as £6.99. Either through mail order or drop off and collection.

Whatever your requirements, we can help. Whichever format of film, (Standard 8mm Film (also called Regular 8 or Double 8mm Film), Super 8 Film, Super 8 Sound Film, Single 8 Film, 9.5mm Film, 16mm Film or 16mm Optical Sound Film), we have the unrivalled expertise, experience and equipment to ensure the best quality transfer is obtained, from your precious home movies. Take a look at our full price list. We will transfer your films into any digital file type.

Why not have a look at our Cine Film Guide if you have some old reels of film but are unsure what they are. Our Cine Film to DVD transfer specialist is always here to answer any questions or queries you have.

Now is the time to re-live those old memories or even give a gift to the rest of the family. You know what it’s like when you get photographs out from a few years ago. Everyone has changed. We also see many loved ones, some of whom may no longer be with us. Transferring Film to DVD or Digital File is what we do best. Your precious memories are as valuable to us, as they are to you. We make viewing those older formats on modern technology a reality, at an affordable price, with no compromise on quality. The transfer service we provide is envied by our competition. 

Just imagine seeing those old home movies again which could be up to 50 years old!!! To some, family home movie films are treasured more than anything else, because there is nothing quite like the moving image. It is so easy to just pop a DVD or Blu Ray into your player or USB Pen Drive in to your television and watch movies of your family and friends again and in addition,  having a digital file copy means it can be easily shared. Most importantly, digital files will not degrade due to the elements. Whether it’s Cine to DVD, Cine Film to Digital or to a Digital Format, CineFilm2DVD is the name you can trust. 

Here are just a couple of short sample clips, taken from actual films we have transferred for our customers. Please note that the clips are compressed to get them on the web, therefore the quality is slightly lesser. More importantly, the finished DVD will have full DV quality in addition to chapter, menu and background music. Digital files come with or without added music. This is dependent on your preference.

These clips show that there is no flicker whatsoever, which you may get with amateur companies. We have been transferring Super 8, Standard 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm Cine Film to DVD and Digital File for many years now. Therefore we have vast experience which, first and foremost, enables us to give you high quality results. For details of how to order click here.

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Having vast experience with Cine Film, Cine Film Transfer, (25 years in fact), it has therefore enabled us to give high quality results transferring your treasured Home Movie Film to DVD or editable file. Especially relevant are our Samples of recent Cine Film Transfers. Our prices are extremely competitive and far cheaper than the high street. We do not think it fair practice to charge our customers inflated prices, just because your films have a high sentimental value. Click here to view our pricing structure. View our testimonials here. If you have any questions please contact us or visit our FAQ page. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

As well as transferring film to DVD for the general public, we have also completed Cine Film transfer for major Television networks. This is in addition to transferring for many independent photographic stores nationwide, because our service is second to none.

Benefits include

  • Fully digital transfer (Cine Film Transfer).
  • No Analogue sources (Cine Film Transfer).
  • Repairs carried out free (Cine Film Transfer).
  • Menu Free of Charge.
  • Chapter headings Free of Charge.
  • Free Subtle Background Music (Cine Film Transfer).
  • We can also supply as Mpeg files in addition to MP4, AVI, H264 or MOV.
  • We do not copy protected our DVD’s.
  • Can guarantee to work to deadlines.

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