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8mm Cine Film Transfer

8mm Cine Film to DVD or File, the professional way. We transfer all formats of 8mm cine film transferred to DVD or Digital editable file.

Our film and video transfers are second to none. We take pride in what we produce for our customers and our customers simply love our results. 

8mm Cine Film Transfer formats include 8mm, Reg 8mm, Std 8mm, Double 8mm, Polarvision, Single 8, Super 8. All reel sizes of film can be transferred and we will be able to offer discount for larger quantities. If you would like to see samples of our Cine Film Transfer, please see our YouTube Channel or click here to see our samples page. If you are looking for Archive services, please click here.

So you have some Cine Film but are unsure of the format or reel size? Have a look at our Cine Film Guide which will give you lots of information.


Sound Cine Film Transfer.

The original sound track can also be transferred from Super 8 SOUND cine film. The process involved in transferring sound super 8 film is different to that of silent super 8mm film and because of this, the cost of transferring sound film is more expensive than silent film. The images are captured using frame by frame capture, therefore giving the best possible image. The soundtrack is then captured by running the film through a projector to capture the audio track. In conclusion, once the audio and video are captured, the two are then re-synced back together.


HD (High Definition 1920×1080) 8mm Cine Film Transfer

If required, we can also scan your 8mm cine film transfer in High Definition. Please contact us to discuss your requirement. The pricing for HD 8mm Cine Film transfer can be found on the Pricing page.


The Process

The difference between Cinefilm2dvd.com and other service providers is that we care about your films. Rest assured that your 8mm Cine Film Transfer is treated with the utmost care. Most of all, nobody knows how precious these films are, more than ourselves. Please do not assume that because of our highly competitive prices, you are going to get a substandard product. You are not. The transfer will be done digitally and involves no analogue sources whatsoever and therefore gives a sharper image.

Finally, many people ask if we use a projector to project onto the wall and film the image. This is not the case. We use frame by frame scanning which eliminates flicker.  Flicker is caused by the shutter blades on the projector. Because we scan the film frame by frame, it eliminates the use of a projector, the projectors shutter and therefore the flicker. Your films are pre treated before transfer with a film preserver/cleaner which also serves to give the film extra sparkle. If you wish to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about any part of the process of the 8mm Cine Film Transfer, please do not hesitate contact us

For details of how to order please see our Ordering Page.